373000+ registered numbers on TandmX!
PSTN Access Numbers
+61 2 8294 8294
Network Controlled Numbers
Number Description
0 Operator Services
211 Business Office
411 Directory Assistance
611 Repair Service
911 Emergency Operator (Not Real 911)
Directory Search
User Defined Numbers
9852600Maveric's 2600 Conference
9809990No Reply
9809960Milliwatt Test
9809932Silent Termination
9809931Echo Test
9809901Switch ID
9805870Ernestine - 08 - The Strike
9805860Ernestine - 07 - The Bordello
9805850Ernestine - 06 - The Repairman
9805840Ernestine - 05 - Obscene Phone Call
9805830Ernestine - 04 - Joan Crawford
9805820Ernestine - 03 - Marriage Counselor
9805810Ernestine - 02 - Mr Veedle
9805800Ernestine - 01 - Alexander Graham Bell
9805736Virgin Radio
9805735Radio Caroline
9805734Heart Radio
9804700Test Telephone
9804003Time - UK - Jean Simmons TIM 2015
9801000Ordell Court Main Switchboard
9389223Rickroll Hotline
8675309Jenny Message Board (jennyboard.com)
8269990Panel Ring, no answer
8269971Panel Reorder
8269970Panel Busy
8262111SCPA01 2111 conf. Via Panel
8261210SCPA01 Inward - via sim Panel
8260099Prepay Payphone Trunk (Panel) - No Coinzone
8260098Prepay Payphone Trunk (Panel) - Forces Coinzone for LD calls
7929990Endless ring (24/7)
7929971Always reorder (24/7)
7929970Always busy (24/7)
7929960Milliwatt test tone (24/7)
7929958ANAC (24/7)
7929932Silent termination (24/7)
7929931Echo test (24/7)
7929901Switch verification (24/7)
7922518DECT Cordless (11am to 11pm ET only)
7922500House Phone (11am to 11pm ET only)
7922222Time & Temp on my Home PBX (24/7)
7921113TandmX DISA (24/7)
7921111Phreaknet DISA (24/7)
7921010Time in America/New_York (24/7)
7918000Test Line: Echo Test, Caller ID, etc (PSTN +61 2 8503 8000)
7915073Nik Avaya 1608i [Ewing]
7915040Gulf View Square Mall in Port Richey, FL
7913800Rick Astley
7912888BMTC Fax Machine
7912532Nik NEC Phone [Ewing]
7912222Ewing Residence IVR
7912111Ewing Residence Fax Machine
7912000Ewing Residence
7911198Music On Hold
7911196Weather (Sydney) (PSTN +61 2 8403 1196)
7911194Talking Clock (PSTN +61 2 8403 1194)
7911111BMTC Switchboard (PSTN +61 2 8403 1111)
7910000Blue Mountains Telephone Collection IVR (PSTN +61 2 8403 0000)
6952002Project MF Disa
5319990NX1 Ring, no answer
5319971NX1 Reorder
5319970NX1 Busy
5319960Milliwatt Test
5319932Silent Termination
5319931Echo Test
5316001Listen to the guestbook messages
5316000Guestbook, leave a message!
53159905XB Ring, no answer
5315000SCPA01 Inward - via sim 5XB
5312111SCPA01 2111 conf. Via NX1
5311889SCPA01 TTY Relay (subject to operator availability)
5311888Time and Temperature (Based on KPHL Airport)
5311565Get Stick Bugged
5311212SCPA01 Directory Assistance (subject to operator availability)
5311000SCPA01 Inward - via sim NX1
5310599Prepay Payphone Trunk (5XB) - Forces Coinzone for LD calls
5310598Prepay Payphone Trunk (5XB) - No Coinzone
5310099Prepay Payphone Trunk (NX1) - No Coinzone
5310098Prepay Payphone Trunk (NX1) - Forces Coinzone for LD calls
4839997Loop Around Side 2
4839996Loop Around Side 1
4839990Ringout Test
4839975All Circuits Busy Now
4839974Call Could Not be Completed as Dialed
4839973Number Not in Service
4839971Always Reorder
4839970Always Busy
4839958Automatic Number Announcement Circuit
4839932Silent Termination Test
4839931Echo Test
4839888WUVT - Virginia Tech Radio Station
4839374Friday Night - Yakuza 0
4839011title.wma (Windows Server 2003)
4832111483 Conference Bridge
4831111483 DISA
4830042Loop Around Side 2
4830041Loop Around Side 1
4830003Uniden UIP 200
48300013CX Server\General Contact
4830000483 Operator
4517089Sarcastic Talker :D
4517081Maveric's Office Phone (24/7)
4517080Hi-Smart Labs IVR (24/7)
4517075Full Feature ANAC
4429997Loop Around Side B
4429996Loop Around Side A
4429972Supervision Test (New York Manhatten 753 - from Elmer Cat)
4429970Always Busy
4429932Silent termination
4429931Echo Test
4429922DTMF Test
4429901Switch Verification / CLLI
4428999Ring then Tock Test
4428979Crumhorn selection
4428978Anthem for aye Simpleton
4428973Leonardo Square
4428927Plantagenet Confessional
4428923Plantagenet Speaking Clocke
4428920Minimal for testinge
4428917Plantagenet Oral Entrapment
4428904Plantagenet Readback CLI
4428903Plantagenet Echo Test
4428900Plantagenet Milliwatt
4428171Cromer Norfolk UK - Daily Tide Times - RSS Lookup via AGI and Text2Speech
4428081Speaking Clock - Pat Simmons
4428061Datel Tones Demo from BT
4428018USA Tones Demo from BT Freephone
4428017USA Tones Demo from BT 0121 246 8017
4428016European Tones Demo from BT Freephone
4428015European Tones Demo from BT 0121 246 8015
4426511Misc Radio Show recordings
4426501Misc Radio Stations IVR
4426500BBC Radio Stations IVR
4426451The Telephone No ring - Ziggy Talent - Vaughn Monroe's Orchestra (78rpm)
4426450Lady of the Telephone (78rpm)
4426413Penetration by Mr Concept!
4426401Organic Sonic Collective Jukebox
4426341Cohen at the Telephone (78rpm)
4426340Cohen on Telephone Etiquette (78rpm)
4426339#63 Phone Tones by Twenty Thousand Hertz
4426338Major records - Bells and Buzzers (78rpm)
4426337Põlva County Estonia pulsing click sound on old telephone wires by John Grzinich
4426336https://archive.org/details/HeeSawDhuhKaet - Bell Telephone Laboratories Inc. 1963
4426335Telephone Effects (78rpm record)
4426334'Off the Hook' 1994-02-02. https://archive.org/details/2600-off-the-hook
4426333'Off the Hook' 1993-12-22. https://archive.org/details/2600-off-the-hook
4426332'Off the Hook' 1989-07-25. https://archive.org/details/2600-off-the-hook
4426331'Off the Hook' 1998-10-07 part b. https://archive.org/details/2600-off-the-hook
4426330'Off the Hook' 1998-10-07 part a. https://archive.org/details/2600-off-the-hook
4426320Hell's Bells
4426314Legendary comedian Dave Allen talks about telephones... contains adult language!
4426313The voice of Alexander Graham Bell - 'Hear my voice!'
4426312Donald Sherman orders a pizza with a computer 1974
4426311Telephone Talk' by Kristen Hammer & Denilso de Lima
4426310Open Source Telephony Using Asterisk and VOIP by Daryll Strauss
4426308Speaking Clock 1935 - British Movietone News
4426307Speaking Clock 1954 - British Pathe News
4426306UK 2VF Signalling Demo
4426305Thomas Watson speaking
4426304A BT Christmas Carol
4426303An Intro to the GPO 1954
4426302GPO Long Distance telephony
4426301Worlds first talking clock turns 80
4426300Miss Ethel Cain - Winner of the Golden Voice 1935 - On Pronunciation
4426262Pulse Generator 23A
4426203"Narborough 10
4426202East Langton UAX13 on a Sunday afternoon 1980s
4426201Montfort ATE - Crossbar Exchange Room Sounds from 1980s
4425555Post Office test Transmission
4425000Test Number
4424704Metering Over Junction (MOJ) noise on a UK International Call
4424703Elmer Cat's Noise Recordings from YouTube
4424702Cable Fault at Evington Exchange 1980's
4424701Background Noise Medley
4424700Connecting Noise Medley
4424655Ringing Machine 2A Number Unobtainable Tone
4424654Ringing Machine 2A Interrupted Ring Tone
4424653Ringing Machine 2A Cont Ring Tone
4424652Ringing Machine 2A Busy Tone
4424651Ringing Machine 2A Ring Tone
4424650Ringing Machine 2A Dial Tone
4424638BT 2+8 Number Unobtainable Tone
4424637BT 2+8 Busy Tone
4424636BT 2+8 Ring Tone
4424635BT 2+8 Dial Tone
4424633Nippon Telephony Inc/Newtech NT-104 ‘Easyswitch’ Intercom/PABX Music on hold demo
4424632Nippon Telephony Inc/Newtech NT-104 ‘Easyswitch’ Intercom/PABX Busy Tone demo
4424631Nippon Telephony Inc/Newtech NT-104 ‘Easyswitch’ Intercom/PABX Ring Tone demo
4424630Nippon Telephony Inc/Newtech NT-104 ‘Easyswitch’ Intercom/PABX Dial Tone demo
4424628PABX6 Number Unobtainable Tone
4424627PABX6 Busy Tone
4424626PABX6 Ring Tone
4424625PABX6 Dial Tone
4424622ATE PAX Busy Tone
4424621ATE PAX Ring Tone
4424620ATE PAX Dial Tone
4424604UK Ringtone with EET bleed through
4424603Ringtone Medley
4424602Pay Tone - Old UK Payphone tone requesting coin insertion
4424601Bulk dump of telephone tones and announcements
4424600C62A Cassette recording of misc tones
4424555TMC Supplementary Services Unit internal Voice Prompts
4424544Speaking Clock example
4424543Speaking Clock example
4424542Speaking Clock example
4424541Speaking Clock example
4424537Leicester 2xxxx CNA
4424536024029 CNA
4424535Leicester Short Code Access CNA
4424534Reading CNA
4424533Scarborough Fire
4424531London Congestion Announcement
4424530Bristol Congestion Announcement
4424520Automatic Announcements 1957
4424519Random tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 9
4424518Random tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 8
4424517Random tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 7
4424516Random tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 6
4424515Random tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 5
4424514Random tones and announcement recordings dialling Sydney Australia
4424513Random tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zones 3 & 4
4424512Random tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 2
4424511Random tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 1 (non USA)
4424510Random tones and announcement recordings dialling Canada
4424109The Buzzer - Documentary by 20KHz The Buzzer
4424108Sonic Utopia - Documentary by 20KHz #109 Sonic Utopia
4424107The Theramin - Documentary by 20KHz #52 The Theremin
4424106ASMR - Documentary by 20KHz #40 ASMR
4424105Muzak - Documentary by 20KHz #34 Muzak
4424104Documentary - Documentary by 20KHz
4424103Spooky Sounds - Documentary by 20KHz #27 Spooky Sounds
4424102Space - Documentary by 20KHz #11 Space Sounds
4424101Windsor Hum - Documentary by 20KHz #03 Windsor Hum
4423964SSAC9 Answer - hello - Clear - culled from Noel Edmond's Prank Phone Calls 1970s
4423961SSAC9 Answer tone medley - culled from Noel Edmond's Prank Phone Calls 1970s
4423960LBJ Recordings - Whitehouse Crossed Line
4423942Fence Wires near Silbury Hill and Long Barrow by John Grzinich
4423940Vintage radio Commercials
4423930Lynden B Johnson Whitehouse Recordings
4423911Single Tones increasing in frequency
4423910Margaret Thatcher's top tips for politicians
4423909Decision Maker - Yes or No? Let us decide...
4423908'Found' Answering machines from 'Soundgrabs'
4423907Colin Wants to be a Millionaire - phone a friend
4423906IVR Adventure game - by QRLEON
4423905Fantastic Fone Funnies - from The Voice Squad
4423904Dial Intergalactica
4423903'Calling London' - surrealistic audio montage
4423902Fone79 - misc recordings of phone calls
4423901A selection of toy telephone ringtones
4423900The Sea
4423399UK Test Number
4423341Found Answering Machine messages from 1980s
4423319UK Maintenance Analysis Test Number
4423293Dad Joke
4423292Call Centre
4423291Joke of the Day
4423289Maples Surgery - original
4423288The Maples Surgery - 3 precious minutes you'll never have again...
4423287Customer Services Piano Hell
4423285In a Queue
4423284Daniel O'Donnell
4423283Alliance and Leicester Building Society
4423282Wilkinson's Sound Effects Box
4423281Crossroads Motel
4423279Magic on-hold Music
4423278Wrong Number
4423277British Methane - can you get through to someone?
4423276Covert Lane Reservoir Telemetry
4423275Drab Woman
4423274The Phone Mail System Lady
4423273High School
4423271ATV Answering Service
4423269Les' Answering Machine
4423268Vintage Answering Machine
4423267Global Helpdesk
4423266Scottish Lady
4423264Curtis 1000
4423263Bell Voicemail
4423262South Western Bell
4423261Going to the Store
4423260Doctor Carson
4423258HMZ Answering Machine
4423257Anne - 5 seconds
4423255JWI Bags
4423253Sam White
4423252Early Bird
4423250Recreation of 'George' - apologies and thanks to Evan Doorbell!
4423240Family Guy 80s Answering Machine
4423102Sankyo Music on Hold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjiiJBLGVPs
4423101Music on Hold music box https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeJMI5riZSo
4423100Classic Music on Hold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3Ww5L83a6k
4423001Gibson Guestbook - listen to the messages!
4423000Gibson Guestbook - leave a message for posterity...
4422778Miss Trisha
4422766Madame Julia tells your fortune
4422676Madame Julia helps you to relax
4422124Speaking Clock - Gordon Gow
4422111Conference Bridge
4421212Speaking Clock - Rob Grant
4421112DISA with switchroom sounds
4421001Test Desk
4420042Loop Around Side B
4420041Loop Around Side A
3239023Interalia XMU+ (Random Hold music, that was already on it...)
3239018Intercept Msg 8 (Interalia XMU+)
3239017Intercept Msg 7 (Interalia XMU+)
3239016Intercept Msg 6 (Interalia XMU+)
3239015Intercept Msg 5 (Interalia XMU+)
3239014Intercept Msg 4 (Interalia XMU+)
3219900Office Phone (9am to 9pm PST)
3219602Switch-room LISTEN-IN AUTO-ANSWER (7x24)
32195391A2 Key System Line 2 via SxS (7x24)
32195381A2 Key System Line 1 via SxS (7x24)
3219535Bell System "Chime" via SxS (7x24)
3219534Exterior Bell via SxS (OUT OF SERVICE) (7x24)
3219532"Busy" via SxS (7x24)
3219531"Ring - No Answer" via SxS (7x24)
3219530Switch Room 500 Set via SxS (7x24)
3219500Step-By-Step Switch Dial Tone - 530-539 (7x24)
3211212Time (7x24)
3211112Music On Hold - Random (7x24)
32100083 tone test - 2 second steps (7x24)
3210005ANAC - Caller ID (7x24)
3210002Milliwatt Tone (7x24)
2632607Nik VanWagner[new]
2609997Loop Around Side B
2609996Loop Around Side A
2609971Always reorder
2609970Always busy
2609960Milliwatt test tone
2609932Silent Termination
2609931Echo Test
2609901Switch Verification
2601721WX Current Conditions @ KFIN
2601720WX Current Conditions @ KSGJ
2601719WX Current Conditions @ KNIP
2601718WX Current Conditions @ KCRG
2601717WX Current Conditions @ KJAX
2601505IVR Adventure Game
2601424ComedyCures Laughline
2601312Conyers Old Time Radio - https://conyersradio.net
2601311Radio Dismuke - https://radiodismuke.com
2601309tilderadio - https://tilderadio.org
2601308// aNONradio // - https://anonradio.net
2601307WBCQ Area 51
2601306WBCQ 7.490
2601304That Old Time Gospel
2601303Music City Magic
2601302WRMI Legends - request songs http://wrmilegends.com
2601301WRMI (Radio Miami International)
2601300WJCT 89.9 (NPR affiliate)
2601234Asterisk silliness
2601212Local Time (Eastern) voiced by Gordon Gow
2601211Local Time (Eastern) voiced by Pat Simmons
2601123What is Extra Life?
2600042Loop Around Side B
2600041Loop Around Side A
2481111Maveric's Switch DISA
2481091captainchris.me Desk Phone (Public Line)
2481017KJ7BRE Communications
2311094captainchris.me PC Softphone (Public Line)
2311058Yealink T46S
2311057Yealink T46S
2311055My 3CX System - Try It Out
2311025Gregg Carberry
2311016Nik VanWagner
2310012Monster Boy Line 11
2310011Monster Boy Line 10
2310010Monster Boy line 9
2310009Monster Boy line 8
2310008Monster Boy line 7
2310007Monster Boy Line 6
2310006Monster Boy Line 5
2310005Monster Boy Line 4
2310004Monster Boy Line 3
2310003Monster Boy Line 2
2310002Monster Boy Line 1
2211500Avaya IPO HG2
2211302Leo's Workshop
2211301Leo's Deskphone